Each swimmer on the swim team and Junior Rays, will be provided with a team T-shirt and a team swim cap. You will need to purchase a suit for competition separately. We order from swim outlet and the links can be found below. 

(The team suit is the Sporti Molecule but we allow the option of the Sporti Piped Splice because it has a slightly different fit)


Sporti Molecule – order in Navy/Gold




Women Sizes (here)

Girls Sizes (here)

Men Sizes (here)

Boys Sizes (here)





Sporti Piped Splice – order in Navy/Gold



Women Sizes (here)

Girls Sizes (here)

Men Sizes (here)

Boys Sizes (here)


Spirit Wear Store (NEW for 2023!)

If you would like to purchase some Saratoga Stingrays merchandise, please click the link below. A portion of the proceeds will help support our team, and you will look great sporting the blue and gold year round!