Saratoga Stingrays Swim Team was formed in 1975.  The first team was organized, coached and refereed by Mr. and Mrs. Presser.  They had no children of their own but had a love for competitive swimming.  That first summer, Saratoga did not belong to a league but swam pick-up meets with neighboring pools. 

The following year, Saratoga joined the Colonial Swim League (CSL), the league to which we belong today.  CSL was formed in 1962 and allows teams to join, such as Saratoga, such as Saratoga, to join the League without having to be a member of the team pool. CSL is divided into four divisions:  Red, White, Blue and Gold.  In the past, Saratoga has won the White, Blue and Gold divisions.  In addition to team wins, we have won many “age group” trophies.  

Over the years, many Saratoga families have worked to make the team what it is today and others have volunteered many hours to help support the youth of SARATOGA in a great summer sport.

About the Team

The Saratoga Stingrays Swim team is a fun, developmental and competitive summer swim team.  The goal of our team is to provide every member the opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his/her level of ability. 

  • Stingrays Team
    In order to qualify for the swim team, every swimmer, ages 5 - 18, must be able to swim one length of a 25 meter pool unassisted, in any of the four competitive strokes: free style, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly. Coaches will be holding evaluations prior to the season and swimmer placement is at their discretion. Swimmers on the team are expected to participate in meets, but because this is a summer activity, absences for family vacations and the like are expected, but the coaches need advance notice.  Swimmers are expected to wear swimsuits in team colors, and the team cap (caps are provided) to all meets

  • Junior Rays
    If your swimmer is ages 5-10, has some experience in the water, but still needs swim instruction and assistance to swim the full length of the pool, then please sign them up in swim team registration, and select Junior Rays.
    (Must be 6 by June 15)

  • Little Rays
    If your swimmer is ages 3-7 and is still very new to the water, please sign up for Little Rays swim lessons. Swim Lessons are separate and will not open until closer to the start of swim season in May. Lessons will cost $125 for 2 week session. Click here for more information on Little Rays.


Practice Attendance Policy


In the interest of fairness, the Saratoga Swim Team has created an attendance policy concerning practice attendance and meet eligibility.  The team does not want to exclude anyone from participating, and the coaches are flexible and willing to work with reasonable requests.

  • Swimmers are expected to make at least three practices per week to be considered for the Saturday Meet lineup. Club swimmers are expected to make at least three practices a week and at least one has to be a Saratoga practice. The only exceptions to this rule will be for pre-approved absences that have been discussed with the coaches beforehand (ex. planned vacation, doctor's appointment, etc.).

  • Please communicate vacation plans, camps, and any other scheduling conflicts as soon as you know them to the coaching staff.


General Practice Rules


Arrive a few minutes early, depending on your practice group, you may have dry land first and will need to be ready for that, or have cap and goggles on and be ready to jump in the pool at the start time.  Caps are strongly recommended for those with long hair. Just as at school, the coach is the teacher.  Please leave coaching to the coaches. Unless it is an emergency, please wait to speak to the coach until after practice. Parents should not sit in the area directly behind the coaches during practice, and generally should remain behind any roped-off area.


Swimmers who are at the pool during their designated practice time are expected to participate or they will be asked to leave the deck.  Injured swimmers should make arrangements with the coach. Parents or guardians of swimmers 11 and under are required to remain on deck during practice per insurance and safety policies.


Those on the swim team, who are not members of the pool (participants who have the Team Only membership) are free to participate in practice, meet, and team social events, but must vacate the premises after swim team practices and events.


Practice Cancelation


Practice will proceed as scheduled in light rain.  If thunder is heard or lightning sighted everyone is required to clear the deck for 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder or flash of lightning.


Parent Expectations


Swim teams require a lot of volunteers  in order to run smoothly.  Approximately 26 adult volunteers per team are needed at each meet.  Families will be required to volunteer 5 meets each season.  See Volunteering for more information.