Saratoga Stingrays General Information


Minimum Requirements

Saratoga Stingrays is a fun summer team, and also a competitive swim team.  Team practices are not intended or appropriate as learn-to-swim lessons.  We do offer a separate learn-to-swim lessons in the "Little Rays" program, and many Little Rays have graduated onto the swim team.  The minimum swimming skill to qualify for the regular team, is the ability to swim one length of a 25 meter pool unassisted, using any stroke.  That's a beginning, and we'll build from there.  The team absolutely does teach swimmers the strokes and techniques required at swim meets.  While stroke development and teaching is a very important part of what our coaches do, it is not fair to expect them to be teaching one on one every day.  Coaches will be holding evaluations prior to the season and swimmer placement is at their discretion.  Swimmers on the team are expected to participate in meet, but because this is a summer activity, absences for family vacations and the like are expected-- but the coaches certainly appreciate advance notice.

Swimmers who are at the pool during their designated practice time are expected to participate or they will be asked to leave the deck.  Injured swimmers should make arrangements with the coach. Parents or guardians of swimmers 11 and under are required to remain on deck during practice as a safety policy.

Swimmers are expected to wear swim suits in team colors, and the team cap (caps are provided) to all meets.

Attendance Policy 

In the interest of fairness, the Saratoga Swim Team has created an attendance policy concerning practice attendance and meet eligibility.  The team does not want to exclude anyone from participating though-- the coaches are flexible and willing to work with reasonable requests.

 Please communicate vacation plans, camps, and any other scheduling conflicts as soon as you know them.

 Swimmers are expected to make at least two practices per week to be considered for the Saturday Meet lineup. 

 Swimmers whose main practices are mornings with USA Swimming teams in the area will be asked to come to Saratoga Swim team practices at least twice a week.  We understand the importance of year-round serious training for those committed swimmers, but we hope that those committed swimmers understand the importance of team-building and support within the Saratoga Swim team.

General Practice Rules

Arrive on time, have cap and goggles on and be ready at the start time.  Caps are strongly recommended for those with long hair.

Just as at school, the coach is the teacher.  Please leave coaching to the coaches. Should you need to speak with the coach, please do so after practice.

Parents should not sit in the area directly behind the coaches during practice, and generally should remain behind any roped-off area.

Practice Cancelation

Practice will proceed as scheduled in light rain.  If thunder is heard or lightning sighted everyone is required to clear the deck until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder or flash of lightning.

Parent Expectations

Swim teams require a lot of volunteer time in order to run smoothly.  Approximately 26 adult volunteers per team are needed at each meet.  Families will be required to volunteer 5 meets each season.   See “Volunteering” for more information.

Fun Team Activities 

After each Saturday meet, the team meets at a restaurant to enjoy lunch together.  The restaurant we are going to is announced during the meet.

Team pictures will be taken at a morning practice during the season.  A group photo is taken, followed by individual photos, if desired.  All swimmers must wear the team color suits and/or the team t-shirt.  Date is TBD.

The Saratoga Stingray swim team holds pot-luck end-of-season banquet on the day after the divisional meet.  The rain date is the following Sunday.  There is food, fun, and trophies for all swimmers.

In the off-season, the team occasionally assembles for informal fun activities.  Laser tag, bowling, and fundraising for toys-for-tots have been done in the past.  Similar events will be held each off-season.